How-to-Use Duck Fat


For any recipe, substitute the usual cooking oil for an equal amount of DUCKCHAR duck fat.


Basic Duck Fat Uses



Steaks are a good way to start, DUCKCHAR Duck Fat provides a perfect crust on the outside and enhances a fine steak’s natural flavor.

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Duck Fat roasted potatoes are a good place to start. Using duck fat will result in an incredibly crispy texture exterior contrasted with a soft and rich inside.



The world is your oyster with this duck fat cooking technique. Duck Fat-fried anything taste amazing. We’re talkin’ eggs, fries, fish, you name it.


Creative Duck Fat Uses


Duck Fat Popcorn

Warm up the duck fat just a little bit and drizzle it over popcorn. It's a good reason to skip the theater and watch at home.

Duck Fat Soup

Switch out the olive oil for duck fat. Our favorite soup recipe to use duck fat is split pea soup >.

Duck Fat Crostini

Duck fat crostini is so rich and tasty you can skip the other toppings.

Duck Fat Eggs

Wake up in the morning to a new take on eggs. Scrambled, sunny side up or down - it doesn't matter. Eggs cooked in duck fat are next level >.

Confit with Duck Fat

Confit or cooking and preserving meat in duck fat is one of duck fat's most traditional uses. Try it with duck legs or chicken legs to get started. The meat is tender, rich and preserved so you can save it for a special meal.

Duck Fat Mayo

Regular homemade mayo is amazing. Duck fat mayo is incredible. Just switch out the oil for an equal amount of duck fat.

Baking with Duck Fat

Duck fat's neutral taste and flavor enhancing powers make it perfect for your next recipe. Hello, duck fat cookies. For pie crust, replace the shortening with an equal amount of duck fat. For crusts using butter, replace around 30% of the butter with duck fat.